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We find and develop the talent of employees

For more than 13 years, we have been finding new talents for companies in technical fields. Our knowledge of the local market and rich network of contacts allow us to find the most suitable candidate for your company. We help develop existing employees and implement tailor-made training courses.

We recommend candidates for positions ranging from qualified production workers to top management. We create and run courses that are mandatory in terms of legislation, but that also provide fun and development. We enjoy our work and we will be happy to prepare a tailor-made offer for you.


What we can help you with

We are specialists in finding new talents in technical fields, from qualified specialists to top management. - We use the method of direct addressing
- We rely on 13 years of experience in the field and a thorough knowledge of the local labor market
- We use a wide network of contacts in the region
- 50 % of found candidates are from a personal recommendation
- We do not oppose advertising

Are you dealing with the efficiency of the recruitment process and employee turnover? Can you not find and keep talented employees? • Customized assessment and development centers
• TalentQ testing of personal and managerial competencies in cooperation with Korn Ferry
• 360° feedback
• Analysis and a proposal of an effective recruitment process
• Systematic training of line managers in performance management and employee motivation and their connection to the Labor Code and HR processes
• Individual and group outplacement
• Manual skills testing and onboarding for employees
• Compilation of knowledge matrices and updating the scope of work of individual job positions
• Performance evaluation system, employee motivation and effective human resources management

We offer educational programs tailored to your needs. The courses are led by experienced lecturers in various fields. Thus, you will get individual forms of teaching aimed at implementing the issues in practice


in technical fields
• Specialized training in professional issues
• Direct connection to solved projects
• Experienced lecturers with long-term experience in employee training
• Tailor-made educational programs
• Individual forms of teaching aimed at the implementation of the trained issues in practice
• Interactive training
• Case studies
• Simulation
• Games
• Practical training

Use of grant funds
• Training in soft skills
• Development of the competencies of middle and senior management
• Mentoring and coaching in team management
• Development centers and analysis of preconditions for development
• Communication training and problem solving in the workplace
• Stress management, work-life balance
• The systematic training of line managers in performance management and employee motivation and their connection to the Labor Code and HR processes
• Use of grant funds

Objective testing of candidates will help you make an informed decision and streamline the selection of new employees. By testing existing employees, you objectively identify talents that are suitable for further development.

Talent Q personality and managerial competencies in cooperation with Korn Ferry
The objective mapping of the preferred style of behavior, personality characteristics and competencies relevant to the work environment. Testing takes place in an online environment, with evaluation within a few hours.

Motor skills testing
Manual dexterity tests measure ability and speed in coordinating eye and hand movements, including fine motor skills and fingertip assembly tasks. They are suitable for testing employees in operations that require the fast and accurate handling of simple production materials and tools.

Customized assessment and development centers
We implement and organize professional assessment and development centers, a highly effective method of selecting employees, especially for lower and middle management positions.

We provide the training prescribed by law and other binding regulations of the Czech Republic in an attractive virtual reality environment. Thus, we can effectively deepen the knowledge of employees in the areas of occupational health and safety, fire safety and environmental protection.

We tailor the training in virtual reality to suit our clients and the virtual reality is a real copy of your company's environment.
- Work safety and internal regulations
- Fire protection
- Environmental protection and work with waste
- Training on work procedures for specific workplaces in production
- Training on work procedures in maintenance and mold replacement


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